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Buty snowboardowe splitboardowe NORTHWAVE / DRAKE Prophecy SL TF3 | VIBRAM | THERMOFORM | black
Buty snowboardowe splitboardowe NORTHWAVE / DRAKE Prophecy SL TF3 | VIBRAM | THERMOFORM | black
Buty snowboardowe splitboardowe NORTHWAVE / DRAKE Prophecy SL TF3 | VIBRAM | THERMOFORM | black
Buty snowboardowe splitboardowe NORTHWAVE / DRAKE Prophecy SL TF3 | VIBRAM | THERMOFORM | black
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Buty snowboardowe splitboardowe NORTHWAVE / DRAKE Prophecy SL TF3 | VIBRAM | THERMOFORM | black

Cena katalogowa1 300,00 PLN
1 300,00 PLN(Zniżka 69%)
399,99 PLN
brutto / para
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Conceptualized and tested by the Northwave Pro Team, the Prophecy SL has a new look designed with the riders in mind. Every day in the park demands the versatility brought by the custom flex tongue. One of the premier boots in the line, the Prophecy will eternally deliver the goods on the hill and in the park.

Cena katalogowa: 1300PLN
Rozmiar: EU38 / 24.5cm / realna długość całkowita wkładki z podgięciem: 240mm
  • LACING: Super Lace SL
  • LINER: TF3 Pro
  • Corset Sock Lacing
  • CUSHIONING: Vibram Double Crossbow system
  • Rubber Shield
  • Custom Flex
  • 540° Heel Retention System
  • Liner Power Strap
  • EVA Footbed
  • Heat-Moldable
Outer Boot
Built into the exterior of your boot, the Rubber Shield guards against abrasion, wear and tear, and will give your boot extra reinforcement over its lifetime. Custom Flex allows you to add and customize the flex in your boots by inserting two pieces of plastic to match your ideal riding style and comfort.

TF3 Pro Liner
The TF3 Pro is the TF3 but juiced up with a unique liner that works with our Corset Lacing on the Prophecy to give you the most consistent flex and foot security while riding. The laces are guided in a unique pattern to avoid issues with the corset.
Advanced lining material constructed of Thermo-Fit Foam enhances target fit zones that can be customized instantly with a heater or over time from natural body heat for the perfect fit. Malleable fit areas are anatomically designed and reinforced with injected memory foam for better fit retention and comfort for your feet. Brand new webbing on the liner, and with loops that have been positioned on the edges of the liner, exclusive tongue side-cut naturally adapts to your instep, permitting the most custom fit, and distributing power transmission of equally through the surface of the liner make this fit unique. Updated Liner Webbing: Northwave analyzed their athletes’ movements to avoid uncomfortable pressure points and place the padding only where necessary and at the right thickness to create the perfect interface, even matching the binding’s ankle strap. Power strap for superior fit: it gives an extra prop on the upper part of the liner providing a more secure liner closure supported by the liner lace lock. Comfortable EVA footbed with side supports for better thermal insulation and for shock absorption.
The Corset Sock Lacing system simultaneously provides a more fluid flex and more consistent foot retention system because of the even pressure spread throughout with the liner connected to the power strap on the upper cuff.

The Double Crossbow system technology is further augmented in the Vibram version, where Northwave adds their experience and credibility on outsoles to a unique concept and construction. Vibram rubber features 30% more grip on ice and slippery surfaces.

The Super Lace SL Speed Lacing System allows the closure of two different boot areas, the quarter part, and the collar part, in order to allow you to select the perfect feeling on each part and improve comfort and foot stability. Your boot will be closed quickly and will stay tight and perform all day. The 540° Heel Retention System passes the boot laces through pre-curved lace loops which help to minimize friction. When the laces are pulled to close the boot, they are simultaneously pulling the webbing where the lace loops are linked tight increasing heel stability. This mechanism is a result of the webbing passing through a hole from the side of the boot tightening the liner over the ankle area. The more the lace is pulled the more power will be transferred through the ankle area, increasing heel retention performance and foot stability
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