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Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022
Narty UNION Rover Expedition
Wiązania splitboardowe UNION Explorer | M | 2022 black |  | WYPRZEDAŻ
Plecak UNION Rover Backpack Expedition
Raki / harszle do wiązań UNION Explorer z nartami Rover Crampons

Zestaw narty UNION Rover Expedition 2022

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There's nothing wrong with riding the lift, but the Union Rover Approach Ski Package is here to make it easier for you to earn your turns and ride where the lifts don't go. It's a one-stop option, including the Union Rover Approach Skis, Union Expedition Bindings, a Union Expedition Backpack, and all the accessories you need to use them all with the snowboard you already have. The idea is simple, with the Expedition Bindings on the Rover Approach Skis, you hike uphill carrying your snowboard on the Expedition Pack. Once you're at the top, simply move the bindings onto your board using the included Quiver Disk, and strap the Rover Approach Skis to your back. Now, simply ride downhill on your regular board, enjoying the fruits of your labor and experiencing the mountain in a completely new way. Best of all this package can grow with you, since the Expedition Bindings will work with any splitboard on the market if you choose to get one, and the Expedition Pack works just as well at the resort as it does when you're getting away from the crowds.

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FILM: Union Expedition Series - Rover Approach System | Union Binding Company - YouTube


  • One-stop shopping to help you hike uphill even in deep snow, then ride back down on any standard solid snowboard
  • Pieces can be used all together, or independently to suit your needs and preferences when riding at the resort, in the backcountry, or at your local sledding hill
  • Rover Approach Skis
  • Expedition Splitboard Bindings
  • Expedition Backpack
  • Union Expedition Quiver Disk
  • Rover Crampons


  • Rover Approach Skis are part snowshoe, part cross-country ski, helping you work your way uphill quicker and easier even when the snow is deep and the terrain is steep
  • FSC® Certified Select Core Construction uses a blend of woods to provide durable strength and support with minimal weight
  • Integrated Climbing Skin is a blend of 65% Mohair and 35% nylon for reliable traction with easy glide
  • Camber Profile is based on the Alpine V2 snowboard profile, putting positive camber under your feet for control and edge hold
  • Rocker in the nose of the approach skis helps you plane above soft snow when breaking trail through soft snow
  • Steel edges ensure durability and confident traction on icy approaches
  • Skis measure approximately 100cm long and 15.2cm wide
  • Compatible with all standard splitboard climbing hardware
  • Approach Skis manufactured by CAPiTA SuperCorp at The Mothership
  • Expedition Splitboard Bindings attach you to the Rover Approach Skis for uphill, and to your own snowboard for the ride back down
  • SP2 Duraflex Baseplate and Extruded Aluminum Heelcup ensure efficient control in both directions
  • Exoframe 4.0 Ankle Straps and TS 2.0 Toe Straps provide a secure hold with no pressure points, essential for comfortable touring and precision descending
  • Split-Pin Interface minimizes weight while ensuring a secure connection in tour or ride mode
  • Split Flad 2.0 on the EXP2 Duraflex ST Highback allows you to recline the highback in touring mode, allowing for longer strides and quicker uphill travel
  • With 24 liters of storage space, the Expedition Backpack gives you an easy way to carry essentials like safety gear and water, as well as nice-to-haves like an extra layer or goggles for the ride back down
  • Link System makes it easy to carry your board on the way uphill, and the Rover Approach Skis on the way back down
  • Separate Avalanche Tool Pocket ensures must-have safety gear stays organized and accessible no matter what else you’re carrying
  • Internal mesh sleeves keep hydration reservoir and other accessories organized
  • Integrated Waist Belt helps carry weight of pack more comfortably and stabilizes load on the downhill
  • Rover Crampons can be installed between the bindings and the Rover Approach Skis to give yourself extra traction on particularly icy skintracks
  • Includes mounting hardware to connect the Union Expedition Bindings to the Rover Approach Skis as well as your own snowboard
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